Private Clients

We fully understand the expectations of our clients and provide concise, commercially oriented legal advice aimed at solving assigned tasks. When providing services, we combine the utmost confidentiality of the tasks to be solved, an individual approach and the best way to solve problems.

Key Services of the Practice Area

  • Legal advice on specific issues related to personal assets and privacy;
  • Full legal support on an ongoing basis of all aspects of the client’s commercial and private life (“personal lawyer” service);
  • Legal structuring the ownership of client's property located in Russia and abroad;
  • Solving legal issues of alienation and acquisition of assets for establishing trust management, issuance of unlimited powers of attorney remaining valid, including, after the decease of the principal;
  • Creation of trusts;
  • Legal support of the corporate interests of a private client, including management corporate shares, representing interests at a meeting of participants or shareholders, ensuring the proper receipt of dividends, ensuring control over the transactions of the corporation, etc.;
  • Legal protection of private clients in relations with creditors and debtors, including as part of the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure;
  • Legal support for the activities of Family Offices (Family Office, Family Wealth);
  • Providing legal assistance in family relations, including supporting the elaboration and conclusion of prenuptial agreements, resolving family disputes;
  • Legal assistance in registration of inheritance and resolution of inheritance disputes of private clients, including those located in various jurisdictions;
  • Legal analysis of competing rules of inheritance law of various jurisdictions;
  • Legal protection of intellectual rights of a private client, including protection of copyright and related rights, trademark rights, patent rights, protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

Tax planning, tax litigation and compliance for private clients

  • Tax structuring of asset ownership in Russia and foreign jurisdictions;
  • Advising on issues related to legislation on controlled foreign companies (CFC) and deoffshorization, including the development of a plan for restructuring a foreign holding structure;
  • Advising on the construction of a foreign holding structure using private and investment funds, trusts; legal support to implementation of elaborated structures;
  • Tax planning for individuals in the Russian Federation and abroad; legal advice on taxation of individuals.

Key contacts

Oleg Golovchansky

Oleg Golovchansky

Victoria Tseluyko

Victoria Tseluyko