Corporate Law and M&A

Scriptolex Law Firm has been developing and implementing effective corporate governance models for more than 11 years. Scriptolex assists in business restructuring, M&A transactions, establishing internal management procedures, transferring of shares (participatory interests), resolving corporate conflicts and representing client's interests in state authorities. We provide professional legal assistance in corporate law matters to large companies and business owners.

Scriptolex legal services

Companies with a complex organizational structure, including several owners, a board of directors, branches and subsidiaries, constantly need qualified legal assistance in matters of corporate governance, restructuring, processing of company transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), etc. Our firm provides legal support in corporate law matters in the following areas:

Legal Structuring

Scriptolex lawyers have extensive practical expertise in the establishing, liquidation and reorganization of legal entities. Our firm develops efficient legal solutions for establishing relations with partners and investors, provides assistance in concluding corporate agreements, formalizing rights of participants (shareholders).

Legal support of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Scriptolex provides comprehensive legal support regarding transactions on business acquisition, including:

  • Representation of client's interests in negotiations.
  • Preparation of proposals on the structure of a possible transaction.
  • Legal due diligence of companies and / or assets planned for acquisition.
  • Legal paperwork for the transaction.

We provide qualified legal assistance in the course of sale of assets, company restructuring and other issues in the field of mergers and acquisitions, including with foreign participation.

Corporate governance and consulting

In this area, our firm performs a comprehensive analysis of the management structure adopted by the client’s company, elaborates documents regulating activities of its functional units, helps implementing corporate procedures. We also develop effective ways to protect corporate rights and advise clients on related issues.

Provision of services in the field of corporate law is one of the key areas of Scriptolex legal practice. Our seasoned lawyers are competent in providing extensive legal support to large companies in various business sectors, successfully represent interests of enterprises and business owners in state institutions and negotiations with contractors.

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