Tax Law

For more than 11 years Sсriptolex provides legal services on the issues of Russian and international taxation. Consultations in the field of tax law and the resolution of tax disputes are a key focus of Scriptolex.

Scriptolex lawyers have many years of experience in advising clients on various tax issues, including:

Tax structuring, consulting, tax support to commercial activities

Taxation of certain operations:

  • Ownership of individual assets;
  • Application of benefits and other tax preferences;
  • Assistance in the practical implementation of projects;
  • Transfer pricing advice.

Ongoing tax consulting and tax audit

  • Oral and written advice on tax issues of current activities;
  • Assessment of tax risks and development of recommendations;
  • Tax audit (Tax Due Diligence);
  • Tax issues legal support in the implementation of foreign investment in Russia;
  • Tax issues legal support and support to corporate structuring or transaction structuring process;
  • Identification of tax reserves and overpayments.

Advice on deoffshorization

  • Audit to determine applicability of requirements to notify tax authorities;
  • Audit to determine if foreign companies and structures are subject to recognition as tax residents of Russia;
  • Elaboration of mechanisms to reduce the total tax burden and risks when using foreign companies and other structures;
  • Simplification of foreign corporate structures and reduction of the total costs of their administration.

Tax audits and tax disputes

  • Preparation for tax audits;
  • Challenging non-normative acts of tax authorities issued as a result of tax audits;
  • Protection and qualified representation of the interests of the client in the central office of the Federal Tax ;
  • Service of the Russian Federation and in the highest judicial instances;
  • Protection and customer support during tax audits.

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Oleg Golovchansky

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Victoria Tseluyko