Labor and Migration Law

We advise clients on labor law issues, develop recommendations on the optimal application of labor law standards, and support the implementation of large complex projects.

Key Services of the Practice Area

Labor Law Consulting

  • Ongoing written and oral advice on a wide range of issues of labor and migration law;
  • Drafting of model and individual labor contracts (including with senior employees), local regulatory documents;
  • Conducting a legal examination of the implementation by companies and employees of the requirements of labor / migration legislation (Due Diligence);
  • Preparation of draft local regulatory acts, amending them, analysis of risks and compliance with applicable law;
  • Legal advising on bringing employees to disciplinary, material, civil liability.
  • Legal advising on staff bonuses and remuneration;
  • Legal advising on hiring and dismissal of employees;
  • Legal protection of the interests of employers in the hiring or dismissal of managers;
  • Legal advice on attracting foreign labor, including highly qualified specialists, outsourcing and out staffing of employees;
  • Legal advice on compliance with legislation on personal data in the field of labor relations.

Key contacts

Oleg Golovchansky

Oleg Golovchansky

Victoria Tseluyko

Victoria Tseluyko